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Introduction to VFX

In the midst of the changing forms of the animation production, latest animation techniques have completely altered the production in diverse ways. For marketing and cinema, animation has constantly been perceived as a big bonus. The visual effects created by Animation Company have been far-fetched and has always been a key constituent of the animation industry.

The particular service known as VFX Rotoscoping services is capturing huge recognition in the recent times. By means of using latest computer graphics and sophisticated software’s, animators have been proficient to produce teeth-biting results that make you stand on your feet and applaud the makers.

Why us ?

Dessin Solutions is a renowned animation company; we have vast proficiency in offering unmatched VFX Rotoscoping services, as well as Stereo Rotoscoping services. What makes us apart from other companies is the tendency of paying interest to each and every single object in the video.

Ever since our foundation, we have been offering outstanding animation outputs to a range of companies across the world.

We at Dessin Solutions boast a team of expert and exceptionally talented professionals to cater all your requirements related to video editing services. We craft and furnish life to any video with our ultimate special effects creation, when it comes to putting special effects in a video our expert video editors creates stimulating and mesmerizing effects which certainly leaves a great impact on the viewers.

We are well versed in doing all the chroma shoots and compositing it with other graphics and background effects using VFX. We are a master of creating virtual reality sets by using green/blue screen along with required 3D atmosphere and lighting digital imaging.

Our credentials

We have worked for some of the top companies around the nation which also includes some of the government organizations. Our team can make any video look as a reality by combining and simulating camera movements in such a manner that it looks like a real set. We are also renowned for giving sensational final touches to a video that makes it look classic and up to the international standard.

We strictly follow the global standards of video editing process and in the process we also fuse our ideas and wisdom to make your video appropriate yet appealing. In the process, we also make sure not become stereotype and use our own imagination fused with latest technology to create an effect which is original, as well as class, apart.

Video Editing services include:
  • Video Editing
  • After effects
  • Audio editing
  • DVD Authoring
  • Motion graphics
  • Video compression

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