Drone Survey and Mapping

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We provide drone mapping and drone surveying faster, easier and more affordable land services. In fact, using drones for mapping and surveying is 85% quicker and costs 4 times less than typical measurement methods. Drones are an efficient way for surveyors to see large areas all at once without having to be on site, eliminating the risks related to dangerous terrain.

Benefits of Drone Surveying

Using LiDAR, infrared, orthomosaic and other sensors and technologies, drone mapping services can quickly capture image data and convert it to 2D, 3D, and 4D maps that can be annotated and shared in the cloud. These capabilities allow the measurement of distances and volumes, the development of fast topographic, hydrographic and thermal maps, and the ability to see volumetric calculations for stockpiles and monitor regularly for changes. The view of heat maps and flood insurance maps accurately identifies property boundaries, map construction sites, and topographical features that affect engineering project requirements.

These are just a few ways drones greatly streamline and simplify surveying and mapping today.

Drone Surveying Services

By deploying a drone over a specific site we are able to survey various subjects. We can provide detailed measurements of a property, road system, quarries, and more. Utilizing the drone we drastically reduce the time of data collection to produce accurate surveys of a site. Our equipment uses geo-referenced aerial images of the site allowing us to compile a detailed image based map.

Drone Inventory, Stockpile, Volumetric Measurements and Tracking

Various models of DJI drones are used to conduct inventory tracking. Traditionally it is difficult to keep track of stockpiles in various locations. Unless loads taken from the stockpile are carefully tracked through weight or other means of measurement it is difficult to assess how much of the stockpile remains. Utilizing a drone, camera, and software we are able to accurately and precisely determine the volume of a stockpile.

A drone is flown over and around the stockpile taking a series of images. The images are then taken back to the office and processed into a 3d point cloud of the stockpile. Utilizing various software we are able to complete a volumetric analysis of the stockpile to determine the volume of the material that is on site. When scheduled to occur at specific time intervals site managers and inventory managers are able to have accurate and price knowledge of the amount of material the have in stock.

The same method is applied to inventory construction materials on a job site. Utilizing images captured by drone and software to compile the data from the images so it can be analyzed. We can track the usage of many building materials on a job site and then can provide a report of the usage of these materials at a defined time interval.

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